Vidilingua is a well-established language institute that has since 1988 been providing language education using a unique method that combines Multi-Media and individual tuition by qualified instructors into an extremely successful, easy and rapid method for learning a foreign language. Many thousands of Vidilingua students have become as a result of this, proficient in another language in an amazingly short time. This same method, tried and proved over many years, can be taken on CD-ROM and individual tuition via Internet.


Each course is made up of 16 learning modules of 2 hours that are given via Internet. Not in regular classes, not on set days and not during set hours. This allows you to start on any day, set your own pace and always plan the next learning module, when it suits you. Available time and energy can be employed to maximum advantage. You can via Internet remain on-line or log in several times.


A learning module is very varied and simply “flies” past, while you are always making substantial progress. Our teachers work via Internet with groups of on average 4-6 students, meaning that each student receives extensive individual attention and assistance. This is necessary in order to develop the four areas of competence: reading, writing, speaking and comprehension of the language.

  Each learning module consists of:  

1. Video
New words are shown together with the appropriate pronunciation. This assists memory significantly. The computer checks the pronunciation using speech recognition. The computer asks the words in your own language and you then type them in the language being learned. After this section the teacher will administer conversation training on the basis of the words learned to check that you have understood everything properly.

2. Grammar
On the basis of a presentation on the computer, the grammar is taught and explained further by the teacher. The computer then recalls the grammar and gives you the opportunity to type the correct conjugations.

3. Dialogue
You listen to a dialogue in which all the grammar and vocabulary of the learning module have been included. You articulate aloud the answers to the associated questions and the computer checks using speech recognition whether they are correct. The teacher then administers extensive conversation designed to put into practice the material learned.

4. Test
At the end of each module you will complete a test for which the computer will assign a grade. This together with the grades assigned by your teacher will determine your grade list on the certificate you receive from Vidilingua after successful completion of the course.

  Vidilingua provides the following language courses:

* English
* Spanish
* French
* Portuguese
* German
* Italian
* Dutch
All of these language courses can be taken from any of the languages specified above.


Basic course

The basic course begins from no previous knowledge and builds vocabulary, grammar and listening/speech competence to a vocabulary of ± 1,500 words. This will enable you to express yourself in grammatically correct sentences and to understand a speaker who is not speaking too rapidly and is not using especially complicated words.

Duration of the course:
16 learning modules of 2 hours.

Expert course
The expert course follows on the basic course and is designed to enable you to speak the language creatively and fluently. This is achieved by extending the grammar and the vocabulary to ± 3,500 words. Conversation and proficiency in listening are quite clearly central to this course.

Duration of course:
16 learning modules of 2 hours.


Basic course:
Course price:
Enrolment + 2 Books + CD-Roms(s) +
16 x 2 hours tuition via internet/voice-chat.

Only € 285,- (paying cash at enrolment)

(Or € 95,- at enrolment and € 50,- at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th lesson)

Expert course:
Course price: 
Enrolment + 2 Books + CD-Roms(s) +
16 x 2 hours tuition via internet/voice-chat.

Only € 325,- (paying cash at enrolment)

(Or € 135,- at enrolment and € 50,- at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th lesson)

Everyone knows by now that a language cannot be learned by listening to tapes at home, watching a TV course or taking a written course. A language is after all COMMUNICATION!
And communication of course implies TWO-WAY TRAFFIC.

This is why Vidilingua provides you with every opportunity to learn the language with interactive Multi-Media exercises combined with individual tuition given by enthusiastic and competent teachers.

You may for the basic course as well as for the expert level take a FREE trial lesson.
Complete "FREE trial lesson" and fill in your e-mail address, to make an appointment.